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Sealant is guided with the shape of the sealing surface deformation, not easy to flow; have a certain adhesive sealing material. Used to fill the configuration gap to play the role of sealing adhesive. With anti-leakage, waterproof, anti-vibration and noise, heat and so on.

Chloroprene sealant is based on chloroprene rubber base material, adding solvent and other processed one-component sealant. Features: with fast drying, high strength, good adhesion, waterproof, shock, good weather resistance, not easy to fall off, long life and other characteristics. Mainly used for container bead, window frame and wall seal.

Butyl sealant is a one-component oil sealant, for the interface deformation adaptability, with excellent weather resistance, low temperature flexibility, thermal expansion and contraction of the displacement has an excellent follow-up, life is not curing, The steel plate without any corrosion, and the seams, openings, lap and other parts of the seal to protect the role.

Water-based glue SJ-811 water-based sealant for the one-component environmentally friendly products, with excellent weather resistance, anti-aging, waterproof, anti-corrosion and other properties. Dry fast, easy to use. Widely used in containers, vehicles, construction and non-fat in the wood with excellent adhesion.

2016 latest development SJ-881 new MS sealant, with solvent-free, non-toxic, tasteless, low VOC emissions and other prominent environmental characteristics, its superior performance has replaced the traditional oily and water-based glue, is now widely used in the container industry, , High-speed rail, traffic track and construction and other fields.

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